MJMultimedia was established in 2006 to service the vibrant DVD screeners market of the time,  and by 2008 had expanded into authoring retail DVDs for UK-based indie distributors such as Artificial Eye, Left Films and Soda Pictures. Fourteen years later, we have authored 457 DVDs, 183 Blu-Rays and our 1st UHD in Sept 2022, for territories as far as Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Canada and America. Regular clients include MUBI UK, 88 Films, Monster Pictures (Australia) and Left Films (UK), past clients include Thunderbird Releasing (UK/Canada), Tartan Video, DRG.

We offer a bespoke service that is tailored to flexibly meet any project’s needs, no matter its scale or deadline. Whether it’s a vanilla DVD or a stacked Blu-Ray boxset, due for delivery next week or next month, our years of hands-on experience will help your company deliver a polished, attractive product for a budget-friendly price.

We believe there will always be a market for the physical disc, and while it is still a shrinking market we're determined to do our part to keep it alive and kicking.
They said vinyl was dead, look at it now!

My working career began in the late-80s as a recording engineer in music studios. In the early '90s, still sticking with music, I made the switch from audio to video as the manager and chief VT Op at TMV (The Music Video Company), where we specialised in broadcast dubs for the surrounding West London record companies. The following years saw me move into Soho, where I worked in managerial roles in various broadcast duplication facilities and edit houses, overseeing hit TV programmes like Top Gear, Horizon and Big Brother.
In the late ‘90s I was introduced to DVD authoring........ I was hooked! I loved how it took a mixture of technical skills (disc programming and the black art of compression) and creativity (menu design) to make an enjoyable DVD. In early-2006, armed with a laptop and 20 years of post-production experience, I made the jump and started MJMultimedia, Sixteen years on that initial laptop still works but is retired as three authoring suites do the heavy lifting now.


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